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on Saturday our club went on the dyno(10-12 cars).The dyno was VAMAG,i do not trust its results and i have bad experience from the past..!

Anyway some conclusions:
1)stock cars produced from 232ps to max 252ps,none 260+.Wheel power was from as low 189ps to max 212 .

2)There was 1 GT with VX-Performance and produced 312 ps engine.
3)My GT with EDS 320 stage+solo 3" downpipe+solo 3" catback+k&n+dejon i/c produced 305ps and 40kgm torque.
4)My friends GT with EDS 320+solo 3" downpipe+solo 3" catback+k&n produced 312ps and 41.5 torque.
5)Another friend dynoed stock his GT with magnaflow and produced 232ps engine,then he installed the 325 EDS and produced 297ps engine----a gain of 60ps and around 7-8 kgm torque which is a fair and good result.But still a lot less than 325 claimed but of course the dyno is a major factor and rainy day as well.
6)Please see the EDS 320vs EDS 320 dyno,mine vs my friends as in my note 4.we have a difference of around 6kgm of torque starting around 3200rpms...a huge and unexplainable difference!!!!
Please note that on the road when comparing our cars we are equal,we go side by side till 200+kmhs,no difference is shown on the road.

Can Arno explain more the dyno sheets???
So i attach 2 dyno sheets...mine vs friend and mine alone.

Your comments are welcomed.


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